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I will do everything in my power to be at every single one of these.

Noteworthy upcoming shows:

TONIGHT: Streetlight Manifesto @ Northern Lights, 7:30pm

Tomorrow: Resistance '77 and Bulldog Courage @ Valentines, 8 pm

Friday: Bane @ Valentines, 7pm

October 2nd: Ghostface Killah @ Northern Lights, 7 pm

October 8th: AFI and Gallows @ Northern Lights, 7:30 pm

October 11th: 3 Inches Of Blood @ Northern Lights, 7:30

October 13th: SOCIAL DISTORTION @ Northern Lights, 8pm

October 24th: Type O Negative @ Northern Lights, 8:30

October 25th: DETHKLOK AND MASTODON @ Washington Avenue Armory, 6pm

November 10th: Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse @ Northern Lights, 6:30pm

November 21st: MC Chris @ Valentines, 7 pm

December 2nd: Underoath @ Northern Lights, 8pm

Holy fucking shit, this fall is a fantastic concert season. This entry might be a running update as I find more.

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