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Fucking sweet weekend that spilled into Monday and today.

Saturday was chilling out with Nicole, Will and Rachel at the UAlbany fountain. Drinking 40's. Dennys. Dick pictures. Lots of sex jokes. Then afterwards Iffy's with Will til the wee hours.

Sunday Elyse randomly showed up in town, which fucking ruled cause I hadn't seen her in a solid 2 years. We grabbed Nicole (Lawton, not Petrie from Saturday) whom I also haven't seen in forever and this dude whatshisface and hit up an old school ice cream parlor. Good times.

Late Sunday night Ahna shows up, stays through very early this morning. Much booze. Bands at Valentines. Iffy's as always. An important mathematical equation for you all to keep in mind:

Beer + Adderall + Bad Brains + anal sex = good times. The bloody scratch marks on my back makes it look like I was mauled by a bear.

Now to go get my car's brakes fixed.

PS: What do you get when you mix a gay guy, a black guy and an eskimo? A snow-blower that doesn't work. BOOSH!

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